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Trex Curved/ Round Pool Deck

Trex Transcend Tropical Decking. Trex Transcend White Railing w/ black round aluminum balusters. White PVC Trim w/ bead-board enclosure. Hidden Fastening system. Double Picture Frame.

About the project

This  Project offers an elegant design, beautiful Trex Tropical decking ( Ticki Torch) assembled with hidden fastening system (Universal clips and Cortex plugs) along with Trex Classic White Railing, complimented with black round aluminum balusters. Double picture frame around the perimeter of the deck,  split boards and stairs (Tree house)  contrast and emphasize the beauty of tropical colors. The space between deck elevations is trimmed out with PVC  6″ beat board, picture framed with PVS  white trim.

Custom heating/ banding of decking and railings, laminating curved beams and special framing made this project very unique and challenging to build. Both contractor and owner are proud of the outcome.

*Trex offers a 25 year stain and fade warranty.

PT Frame for Round Pool Deck, custom laminated PT beams curved.